Originally Published on Friday, July 05, 2013 iOS 7 Like all new Apple product or software releases, there is much buzz and talk surrounding the new iOS 7. This new mobile operating system is said to come with an all new design and all new features, leaving most iPhone users and fans excited to see exactly what innovative attributes it will pride itself on. Here’s what we know from Apple so far: New Design iOS 7 is said to come with a completely redesigned layout, meant to increase simplicity and ease of use. The iPhone has always been known as a “user friendly” device, and Apple wants to continue with that quality. Click here to see some pictures of this new design on Apple’s website. Control Center Control Center was designed to give users quick access to the controls and apps that you always seem to need right away. You will be able to swipe up from any screen (even the Lock screen) to do things such as turn Wi-Fi on or off, adjust the brightness of the display, or even use a new flashlight app that will come on this new OS. Notification Center The new notification center takes the ideas of the current notification center and improves it with more organization and simplicity. You will have options to view “all” or “missed” alerts, or just the ones that you haven’t addressed in the last 24 hours. The new “Today” feature allows users to get a summary of that specific day, including an update on the weather, birthdays of that day, upcoming appointments on your calendar, and so on. Multi-tasking Most of the buzz surrounding the new iOS 7 has been focused on its multitasking capabilities. According to Apple, iOS 7 learns when you like to use your apps and can update your content before you open them. For example, if you like to open your Facebook app every morning at 9AM, it will be ready and waiting for you. AirDrop This new feature allows users to quickly share photos, videos, contacts, and anything else from any app with the “Share” button. Just tap Share, and select the person you wish to share it with. The AirDrop share does the rest through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. iTunes Radio Another feature that is popularly being anticipated is iTunes Radio. It will offer you free selections of streaming music that becomes more and more personalized the more often you listen. Click here to see more on this feature. …and more These are just a few of the new features offered on iOS 7. Virtually every function and app on this new operating system has been redesigned and modified. The camera, Safari, Siri, photos, the App Store, and so on are all updated to become easier to use and more innovative. To see a complete rundown of all these changes, click here to go to Apple’s website and even watch the Keynote on the new release.

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