Complying with local, state, federal, or industry specific agency regulation is a fact of life today, and it impacts your I.T. environment. Consider an I.T. partner like Corsica Technologies that can help you ensure that your I.T. systems meet regulations.

To create an I.T. environment that meets your market’s regulations, we can help you with:

  • Network assessment – of your entire I.T. environment – hardware, software, and systems configurations – to ensure data protection
  • Inventory – develop an accurate inventory of all hardware and software, plus licenses, warranties and security keys
  • Risk assessment – outline potential threats to data (from hurricanes to hackers) to help you identify and prioritize risks to which your business may be exposed
  • Policy development – help you define an acceptable usage policy that states how users may use your I.T. systems
  • Documentation – of how your business meets regulations, your I.T. environment is constructed, and how policies and practices protect regulated data
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