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Corsica Technologies Security Audits

Protecting your data and mission-critical information is a must in business today. Corsica Technologies helps clients with a range of highly effective and efficient back-up solutions that are secure, automated and guaranteed.

You’ll enjoy back-up of all of your data as often as every fifteen minutes…and if your network goes down, our system virtualizes and replaces your downed server within minutes and gets you back to full-speed operation. Using redundant encrypted archives at SAS 70 type II certified data centers, your data is always protected and retrievable. That’s efficiency as well as peace of mind.

An Corsica Technologies Network Security Audit is a rigorous, comprehensive review of security within your organization, and provides specific, actionable insight to mitigate risk.

It identifies critical information, security issues, and helps you develop a strategic plan for layered protection against both internal and external threats. If desired, we can help you develop and implement that plan as well.

From viruses, worms and Trojan horses to spam, spyware, malicious hackers or corporate espionage, threats are everywhere. And with companies accountable for security of data through regulations and contractual obligation, don’t “hope for the best” in protecting yours. Audits include:

  • External Vulnerability Assessment
  • Internal Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration Testing
  • Network Review
  • Wireless Assessment

Our audits are easily tailored to your unique needs. Let Corsica Technologies assist you by applying our acclaimed “defense in depth” methodology to your data and network.

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