Data Backups Vs. Business Continuity

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Don’t worry about data backups anymore. That’s right, I said it. Don’t even concern yourself with backing up your company’s data.

The file recovery mindset is hurting you and your business. The cost of downtime spent recovering files and re-installing critical systems is immense. In addition, statistics show that by next year:

  • Your company will have increased your dependence on technology and spread your resources across in-house and cloud-hosted software and storage.
  • Your employees will have been exposed to phishing emails attempting to infect your system with ransomware.
  • The health of your critical systems will have been threatened by human error, an accident, or a severe weather incident.

Business Continuity Eats Data Backups for Lunch

Here’s how you can confidently face down those threats: think in terms of business continuity. Get started by watching data backups and business continuity face-off in the video below.

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