Corsica Technologies is proud to announce that we have partnered with Dropbox and their file sharing solutions for businesses and teams!Have you ever stepped into an important meeting and remembered that you left your presentation at the office? Having your files with you at all times on any device is the number one concern from business professionals today. Dropbox for Teams is the answer.Dropbox for Teams keeps your files up-to-date across multiple devices and helps you stay in sync with your team. It offers administrative console tools, unlimited data recovery, unlimited version history and as much storage as you need. When you think about collaborating at work, it should be easy and reliable. Dropbox for Teams covers the most important part of business: sharing. Let’s say your group has a big client meeting next week and everyone is working together to prepare. Several team members are making edits to the presentation, working on different spreadsheets and saving large video files. Rather than managing multiple versions of your files and emailing attachments back and forth—share a folder!Corsica Technologies believes that this is a vital tool for you and your business. The complications of outdated servers, confusing mapped drives and lost USBs can all be solved with Dropbox’s easy user interface and intuitive controls. You can access Dropbox on any device. No matter where you log in, your data will be there. Their seamless application can even be installed locally on your computer so it acts like any other folder. Any changes made on documents in that folder automatically sync and are accessible.We have some whitepapers and videos that cover all of the features Dropbox for Teams offers. Call Corisca today to talk about how this tool can improve your productivity!

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